The Best of Friends

I am a lucky person. I have friends.

This isn’t necessarily as simple as it seems, particularly for those of us whose personalities prickle and whose habits lock us in private rooms with only the voices in our head for company. (I am told The Voices In My Head do not count as “friends,” as we’re not always on speaking terms.)

Introverts often prefer a few very special friends to multitudes of lesser ones, and I fit that mold to a tee. It’s not that I don’t enjoy meeting people, or spending time with friends. I just find it difficult, at times, to emerge from the inner world long enough to communicate with the People Who Live in My House – much less the ones in the larger world outside.

That said, and as remarkable as it sounds, there are actually people who put up with my oddities – and not just the Voices In My Head. Since today is “National Best Friends Day,” I thought I’d say thank you to all my friends. I appreciate you for being there, for the joy and laughter you bring to my life, and for putting up with the parts of me that don’t quite connect properly with the world the rest of you live in. (Which is basically most of me – thanks for pretending otherwise.)

You know who you are, but lest there be any doubt, I’m talking to:

  • The Saturday dim sum and cupcake crew.
  • The asparagus-and-firetruck-watch committee.
  • The Person who lets me drink more than my share of the coffee.
  • The People Who Live In My House And Pretend I’m Normal
  • The People who let me play with matches.
  • The Webmaster of Awesome (Yeah, he gets separate billing. He controls the transmission…)
  • The East-Coast used-booksale-watcher who has my back from far away.
  • And, last but not least, The Tribe.

Without you my world would be lonely and in desperate need of friendship. I might not thank you as often as I should – but I am grateful for you every day.

Have you got friends to thank today? Make sure you let them know – and while you’re at it, hop into the comments and let me know who makes your life a little better.

One thought on “The Best of Friends

  • August 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    You are the best
    and I miss hanging out with you. I am hoping Murphy takes heed to my offerings soon and lets me out of my cage!

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