Springtime in Tokyo!

Sadly, I had to leave Tokyo last week and return to the USA to finish chemotherapy. (On the positive side, I had an infusion last week, and only have one more to go!)

Fortunately, I didn’t miss out on all of the lovely spring flowers in Japan. As I blogged last week, I finally achieved my lifelong dream of seeing the cherry blossoms (only one tree, but it counts) and I also had the chance to see a number of other lovely blooms while visiting Hamarikyu Gardens.

Like all of Tokyo’s public parks, Hamarikyu Gardens is a popular spot for flower viewing during the spring and summer months. Although I visited too early for sakura (cherry blossoms) a number of other trees and plants were in bloom.

The famous field of flowers was spectacular:

The gardens feature a number of camellia trees. This one reminded me of a tree that grew in front of the house I used to own:

The plum trees were putting on a beautiful show, both near the entrance to the gardens:

and in the orchard, just past the flower field:

I love flowers – and in Tokyo, I’m not alone. Many other people braved the clouds and chilly temperatures to visit Hamarikyu Gardens that afternoon, some to stroll but many to admire and photograph the flowers.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, definitely take the time to visit one of the many lovely public gardens. It’s a great place to get some exercise, enjoy spectacular flowers, and appreciate natural beauty–an unexpected but welcome thing in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities.

Do you enjoy spring flowers? Which kinds are your favorites?