Someday We’ll Laugh About This … Part 3

And now, for the afternoon crowd, Marci Jefferson’s take on today’s theme:

Marci Jefferson (blog)

I worked on my upcoming novel, THE DUCHESS OF RICHMOND, for a total of five years, researching, writing, and researching some more. I edited, I cut my darlings, and I polished it till it screamed. I went to local author groups, critique sessions, and writing conferences. I studied the art of the synopsis, the query, and how not to make a fool of oneself when an agent offers representation. I laughed, I cried, I went to therapy to feel like I still had a grip on reality.

If anyone had said then that I’d be laughing about it one day, I might have bitten their head off! And though I don’t exactly laugh about my long road to publication, having a publishing contract with St. Martin’s Press for a 2014 release does allow me to look back on that road with a relieved sort of fondness.

Almost every step of the way I encountered people who inquired about my blog. “You don’t blog?” they’d say with scandalized expressions.

I just didn’t think I could manage a blog when my office was littered in eight drafts and thirty different research books all open and piled about in precarious stacks. But that’s all behind me…

So I think I will start a blog of my own. And why not develop a new website to go with it?

Now I’m up to my ears in HTML code, content, and graphics. I’m overloaded with terms like web-host, RSS feed, and permalink. Tech has never been my forte. Some days I look at this thing and want to rip my hair out. But I’m on a new road. The Road to Release Date! I’m determined to have a fun interactive web-home of my own on this journey, so I’m pushing through. Hopefully it’ll be up and running in a few weeks. And, hey, maybe I’ll look back and laugh at my tech-adventures someday!