Snails and Ghillie Suits – Snails in Ghillie Suits?

Ever get so busy you couldn’t think straight?

Yeah, it’s one of those weeks. Therefore, permit me to offer today’s post of a snail in a ghillie suit.

Yes, there’s a snail in there.

Snipers and hunters wear “ghillie suits” for camouflage. Various materials are attached to a burlap “base” using fishing line or other transparent material. The resulting suit allows the wearer to blend in with the environment until and unless he moves. (Some days, I wish I had one myself.)

The innocent clump of “sea grass” on the rock in the image above is actually a trocheus snail who somehow picked up a little decoration. (Sea grass attaches to just about anything, so it’s doubtful the “suit” is intentional, though it does the snail no harm.)

By way of comparison:

Snail before ghillie suit –

Snail after ghillie suit –

If the growth gets too cumbersome, I’ll trim it down, but in the interim it’s amusing to watch the wandering “plant” make its way around the aquarium. It also provides the snail with protection against the peppermint shrimp, who “cull the herd” periodically (whether or not I want them to.)

I just wish I knew which service he’s enlisted in. Given his nature, it’s probably safe to consider him “marine.”