Siri, I Need a Gun

Yesterday I stepped into the 21st Century and bought an iPhone. A new one. Complete with imaginary friend.

My son spent the ride home from the Apple Store (and it wasn’t a short one) playing “how much can she Siri-ously parse.”

A few things we learned along the way:

1. Siri must have children. She doesn’t like it when you mumble, and won’t listen when you whine.

2. She steadfastly refuses to open the pod bay doors. (And if you keep asking, she gets peevish.)

3. She will, however, eventually tell you a story. (Thanks to a new friend, I knew to be persistent.) In doing so, she’ll make references that prove she’s a card-carrying member of the Geek Mafia. Consider yourselves warned.

4. When asked the inevitable question about woodchucks and their wood-chucking tendencies, she (appropriately) wondered whether we really had nothing better to do.

5. Siri knows how to find a gun – and hide a body. This makes her a mystery author’s new best friend.

There’s oodles more, but I’ll save those delights for another day. Feel free to share your easter eggs in the comments –