Shinobi News

I’ve been delinquent with news postings lately- something I’ll fix in the months to come.

For today, on with the news!

As I’ve mentioned, my mystery series, which features ninja detective Hiro Hattori and his Portuguese Jesuit partner, Father Mateo, is now published by Seventh Street Books. The change begins with book 4: The Ninja’s Daughter–but the characters haven’t changed. 

The first three novels–Claws of the Cat, Blade of the Samurai, and Flask of the Drunken Master are still in print and published by Minotaur Books.

Moving forward, the novels will release in trade paperback and ebook formats from Seventh Street Books–whose amazing new vision is clearly visible in the cover for the upcoming August release, The Ninja’s Daughter:

Ninja's Daughter

The series title is also changing, from “The Shinobi Mysteries” to “The Hiro Hattori Novels”–but, again, that change doesn’t impact what’s inside. Father Mateo, Ana, Gato, and even Luis are there, as always.

The Ninja’s Daughter is now available for preorder, both online and at your favorite local bookseller.

I’ve also added a separate page to the website for The Ninja’s Daughter–you can find it here–and I’ll be updating my events page with dates and times for this summer’s book tour signings and readings as we finalize the schedule.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming summer release–and have some other exciting news that I hope to be able to share in next week’s post!