Shinobi News: February 16, 2013

This week in Shinobi News:

– First Pass pages for Claws of the Cat are on their way from New York! For those of you not in the publishing industry, “first pass” is the author’s first look at the “final” printed pages of a manuscript. It’s the final opportunity to catch typos and also my first chance to see the formatting, font and style of the finished book.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

Looking for me this week?

On Saturday, February 23 I’m speaking at WANACon, the online writing conference sponsored by WANA International. I’m giving two workshops: Contracts & Copyrights, designed help authors understand publishing contract legalese, and Law for the Lone Wolf: An Author’s Tour of Publishing Law and Business. It’s not too late to register! I hope to see you there!

On Monday, 2/18, I’m guest blogging at Kristen Lamb’s blog about publishing horror stories and the importance of taking charge of your publishing career.

On Thursday, 2/21, I’m blogging at Chiseled in Rock (we’re talking royalties – show me the money!) and at The Debutante Ball (this week, we’re dishing about editing and revision).