Reef Retrospective: August 2014

August was an interesting month on my little reef.

I created “algae cages” to grow red macro-algae (think “seaweed”) for my abalone, Oscar. Oscar would ordinarily eat the entire plant at once, but the cages protect the plants while allowing Oscar to nibble on the parts that grow through the mesh.

14H Algae cages

I acquired a new species of sea fan:

14H Sea fan

…and lost a fish. Sadly, Tai the dragonet leaped from the tank and I didn’t learn about it until too late. (Stay tuned for an update on his replacement.)

14F30 Rocks by light

Ghillie continued his habit of offering lovely poses to photograph,

14H Ghillie

and Ceti continued hunting for copepod “snacks” in the reef.

14H01 Ceti

Those are the “best of the reef” shots from August – but stay tuned, because I have a couple of lovely reef surprises coming up this September!