Read-a-Thon for Hunger

On November 13, Tesla and I will be participating in the Read-a-Thon for Hunger.  As Thanksgiving approaches, those of us with the blessing of food to eat and warm houses around us should take a moment to stop, look around and give thanks for the simple fact that even though we don’t always have everything we want….we have enough, and many people do not.

Take a moment to look over the Read-a-Thon for Hunger website.  It’s not a 24-hour obligation, or even an all-day affair (unless you want it to be) but taking the time to read in honor of someone’s dinner – and then donating the money or food to make that dinner happen – sounds like a great way to spend a little time this month to me.

Tesla and I will be reading in honor of Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, a shelter and kitchen that provides meals and other relief to the homeless in the Sacramento area.  The charity is always in need of extra help around this time of year, and though I don’t normally use the blog to shill for causes, making sure people have enough to eat is one for which I’ll make an exception.  Here’s hoping everyone has a nice dinner on Thanksgiving this year.