Please Do Not Put Nighties On the Wildlife

The first week of November 2010 has been declared National “Give Wildlife a Break Week” and also “Intimate Apparel Week.”

In the interest of helping persons attempting full observance, please permit me to offer the following suggestions:

1.  Bears do not look good in negligees.  (Let’s be honest, they haven’t got the figures for it.)

2.  Attempting to put intimate apparel on wildlife normally results in intimate encounters of an unpleasant and scarifying nature.  (TL;DR: Not only do bears look bad in negligees, they don’t much like wearing them, either.)

3.  Underpants should be worn under fur coats, not on top of them.  (A fact most wildlife seems to understand.)

4.  Friends don’t let friends embarrass endangered species.  Let’s leave the clothing off the wild animals, at least for this week.

One thought on “Please Do Not Put Nighties On the Wildlife

  • November 4, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Lol. Love this post. I’d like to extend it to not putting nighties on fake wildlife as well. This world just can’t take a new beanie baby line of Bustier Bears.

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