Parents as Teachers

Today is National “Parents as Teachers Day” and I thought I’d take a few minutes to honor some fantastic parent-teachers by sharing the lessons I’ve learned from them over the years. So here’s a shout out to some parent-teachers I respect:

-To my Mother: for teaching me that no matter what happens, a parent’s love and faith are unconditional, and that in providing that shelter a parent teaches children how to love and gives them the strength to withstand a world that sometimes treats us more … realistically.

She taught me to believe in myself.

-To my Father: for reminding me that even though my mommy thinks I’m awesome, I had better exercise good judgment if I don’t want my plans to bite me in the rear.

He taught me that it’s OK to believe in myself … as long as I can prove it.

-To Amanda: for proving that it really is possible to raise successful children to adulthood while holding onto a microscopic thimbleful modicum of sanity.

She taught me that just because your children have left home, it’s still helpful to know where their pants are.

-To Laura: for agreeing with the proposition that cupcakes teach happiness, and that cupcake-enjoyment-happiness is best taught by example. Also, for raising children who will protect us in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

She taught me that purple icing is not a sharing food, and also the proper pronunciation of “FOOSHA.” (For the uninitiated: the proper pronunciation of the word spelled f-u-s-c-h-i-a is whatever combination of sounds makes your teenage son look most horrified at your ignorance.)

-To Kristas*: for demonstrating that “awesome gamer mom” is not a fiction, and that you can raise multiple children without losing your ability to have a good time.  

She taught me that everyone does, in fact, have twin. We have yet to decide who has to be the good one.

-To Wynd*: for showing that creative people raise creative children…and for demonstrating the vital linkage between creativity and patience.

She taught me that when life gives you a cake with licked-off icing, it’s probably also going to give you a child with a stomachache.

(*Not their real names, but I’m not exposing them here without consent.)

There are many others whose contributions I’ve overlooked or not mentioned, but I’m sure this day will roll around again. Trust me…you are not forgotten.

Do you know any awesome parents who are also teachers? Give them a shout-out in the comments!

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  • November 8, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Everyone back away from the purple icing and no one will get hurt!
    Also, purple icing leftovers on your upper lip may have the added benefit of confusing the zombies into thinking you are one of them.

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