Out of the Doghouse, Wearing the Pants of Shame

Little did I know that my previous post was prophetic, or that the weeds would grow so high so quickly.

Wednesday was eaten by locusts.

Thursday was not much better.

Friday evening Tesla greeted me at the door with, “Angry fish disapproves of your posting frequency” and a request that I post something interesting ASAP. (For the record, he will not consider the first part of this post interesting.) In other words, I spent the weekend in the Pants of Shame.

Fortunately, July is official “Doghouse Repairs Month” so I was able to get some much-needed renovations done while I was in there.

Ironically, July 18 is official “Get Out of the Doghouse Day.” I had great plans to burst into the light of the blogging morning, free of weeds and other encumbrances, and put together a blog post so awesome and so entertaining that even Tesla would find no cause for complaint. I would cast off the pants of shame and triumphantly reclaim my place in the blogging sun.

I’m still wearing the pants, aren’t I.

Yeah, I thought so.

Well, at least I’m back. I’ll work on getting out of the doghouse before heading home for the night.

Anyone else in the doghouse lately? Hop into the comments and let me know how…ruff…your July has been.