On the Road…

This morning, I’m heading to San Francisco. Tomorrow, I catch a flight to Los Angeles, and from there to Japan.

15F02 Airplane

I’m heading out to see my son, The Sophomore, who spent the last three months studying at a university in Kyoto, and to do some research for my next three books–only two of which are Shinobi Mysteries. (Yes, that’s a teaser. No, I won’t tell you more. Not yet, at least.)

I’ll try to blog from the road when I can, wi-fi permitting, but I promise to share the photographs, stories, and fun details at length when I get home.

In the meantime, don’t worry…I’ve got lots of fun content planned for the blog, including regular publishing law features on Wednesdays.

flask of the drunken master

With the third Shinobi Mystery, Flask of the Drunken Master, releasing on July 14, and tons of exciting photos and stories coming up in the weeks to come, I hope you’ll make the blog a regular stop this summer…I’ll make it worth your while!