Off to Japan . . . Almost!

Later this week – Wednesday before dawn, to be exact – I’m heading off to Japan!


While there, I’ll be teaching two workshops at the Japan Writers Conference (October 29-30, at Tokushima University – the conference is free and open to the public: details here!).

After the conference, I’ll be spending two weeks researching the next three Hiro Hattori novels, starting with Book 6 (working title: KINGS OF HELL). While I can’t tell you exactly what adventures lie in store for Hiro and Father Mateo in the books to come, my itinerary holds some hints. Here’s where I’ll be traveling:

Arrival: Tokyo/Narita Airport –> Tokushima (conference) –> Kyoto –> Osaka –> Koyasan –> Gifu –> Magome/Tsumago –> Hakone –> Kamakura –> Tokyo/Home!


Due to my travel plans, I won’t be posting reliably here at the blog until my return on November 14. However, I do plan to hop in periodically and share a few photos and highlights of the trip, so please check in – and I’ll return to my usual blogging schedule on November 15!

(Also: don’t worry about the seahorses and other residents of my reef. My husband is staying home this trip, so he’ll be here to take care of the house, the cats, and all of my finned friends in my absence.)

Until then … sayonara!