O Tokyo Tree . . .

Christmas decorations abound in Tokyo at this time of year, and Christmas trees are no exception. It seems every business and professional building, shopping center, and hotel puts up a massive tree display – some real:

and some “creative interpretations.”While many are real trees, like the one in the photo above (in a building near Tokyo Station) interpretive trees are just as common. Among my favorites (so far):

The twinkling “tree of lights” at Solamachi / Skytree Shopping Center. (Extra points for the blue-and-white color scheme, and the resulting inadvertent nod to Hanukkah…)


The floral tree on the Solamachi patio, near the entrance to the Tokyo Skytree. This one stands over 20′ tall, and is made entirely from live flowers:

And the “forget the tree, let’s make a pile of giant balls” display outside Cartier at Roppongi Hills:

Some of Toko’s humbler offerings are no less joyful, despite their lack of illuminated flair. I enjoyed the ingenuity of this Roppongi tree constructed from boxed Christmas ornaments:

and let us never forget the tree-shaped Kurisumasu keeki (Christmas cake) that graces the shelves of every pastry shop in Tokyo – including this tasty Family Mart offering.

Regardless of what, or whether, you celebrate in December, Tokyo’s lights and fun displays make this a special, glowing time to visit the Japanese capital. If you have the chance, I hope you’ll come and see Tokyo’s glittering winter trees.

Do you have a favorite Christmas or holiday tree? Which of the ones above do you like best?


2 thoughts on “O Tokyo Tree . . .

  • December 28, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    I will always love the tree that is displayed every year in Trafalgar Square in London. I don’t know if you know the history, but the tree is a gift from Oslo, Norway, first given in 1947, as a thank you for the UK’s support in WWII. And they’ve given us a tree every year since. Every Boxing Day, when I was a kid, we’d go visit relatives on England’s South coast, necessitating a drive through London. And my Dad always, always detoured so I could see the tree 🙂 I still make sure I go and see it every year.

    • December 29, 2017 at 5:10 pm

      I saw that tree in Trafalgar Square many years ago – I’d forgotten the history behind it! It’s a wonderful piece of history and a glorious tree every year. Thank you for reminding me about it!

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