Monday Bonus Post: In Which I Reveal Myself as a Blonde

(If you’re looking for my A to Z post, it’s right below this one!)

Two days ago I was in the local Starbucks with my son (as always, we’ll call him Tesla) getting coffee. While waiting for the barista to finish our drinks, we wandered around and looked at the shelves of products.

Tesla (who’s six foot two) pointed out a clear glass double-walled mug and said “I can’t believe anyone drinks tea from something like this.”

“It’s double-walled,” I pointed out. “That keeps the contents warm.”

“Oh.” He looked at the mug again. “But it’s eight ounces!”

I picked up the mug. “No, it’s much lighter than that.”

At which point, Tesla fixed me with his trademark thousand-yard stare. The one that suggests I’m mentally on par with pocket lint. (If you have a teenager, you know the look I mean.)

It took me almost a minute to realize what I’d done.

How long did it take the rest of you?

(The answer, for those on my frequency, is that Tesla’s comment referred to volume – not weight.)