Monday Blog Game: Show Me Your Desk!

January 12 is official “Clean Off Your Desk Day,” and since that task is impossible for many writers (present company included), the Monday Blog Game* version of the observance is SHOW ME YOUR DESK–or tell me about it, if photos aren’t an option.

Here’s my offering:

I practice law and write from my home-office, which has a window overlooking a rose garden (and a couple of bird feeders) at the front of the house. My reef aquarium sits to my right, and two of the walls have bookcases. 

On any given day, at any given moment, the desk holds a Macbook Pro, a small freshwater aquarium (home to a handful of guppies and my foster-frog, Clyde, who belongs to my son but lives in my office to keep her shenanigans to a minimum), a pile of books and a   coffee cup.

15A11 Oobie desk

Sometimes, the cup is shaped like a ninja. 

Ninja Mug

Other times, not so much.

Roughly 20% of the time, there’s also a cat.

15A11 Oobie resting


Oobie splits her time between supervising me and watching the birds outside the window.

The desk itself is a drafting desk, but I never raise the surface. The down-side is, it has no drawers, so I keep my papers in filing cabinets on the other side of the room.

15A11 Filing cabinets

The desk isn’t big enough for too much clutter, though I do my best to jumble it up on a fairly regular basis.

YOUR TURN! Show me–or tell me–about your desk!

*The Monday Blog Game started as a helping prompt for friends (and strangers–who really are just friends we haven’t met!) who needed assistance coming up with blogging ideas. If you’re seeing this, tag…you’re invited to play along. You can either post your answer on your own blog, or simply answer in the comments here. And please feel free to come back and put a link to your own post in the comments if you’d like! 

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