Monday Blog Game: Favorite Words

Today’s edition of the Monday Blog Game invites everyone to blog (or comment – comments are open) about a “favorite word.” What’s yours?

Is it serious? Funny? A little of both? Blog about it and link back here, or hop into the comments and tell me, I’d love to know!

Today, I’m hosting a guest-post on the topic by Marci Jefferson, and I’ll post my own entry later this afternoon. (Edit: 4:00pm: Marci has said this so nicely, I think I’ll let her entry stand alone for this week.)

And so, here’s Marci!

Monday Blog Game: Favorite Words

Susan’s Monday blog game is usually fun and light. When she told us last week that today’s topic was our “favorite word,” I immediately jotted a funny list of likely candidates. Now, in the dim haze of Connecticut’s shooting tragedy, only one word comes to mind.


Whole books and songs have been written on this illusive ideal. Entire international foundations move to create and support it. It has been longed for in every nation during every war since the beginning of time. It is the hope, inspiration, and prayer of every parent bringing a new life into this world. It is the very message of this holiday season.

And our semblance of it has been brutally shaken. Many discussions about gun control have flown around the media the last few days. Yet, in a peaceful world, weaponry would not exist. The United States’ poor handling of violent and mentally ill citizens is a topic getting less media attention. In a peace-loving world, might we be better able to recognize and treat those individuals in need?

I like to think so. That is why my favorite word today is Hope.

Hope, not only for peace, but healing for our troubled nation and the hearts of those who mourn.

One thought on “Monday Blog Game: Favorite Words

  • December 17, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Hope is a good word today. I am pretty sure that the lack of it is one of the critical components in spree killers.

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