In Honor of a Dream

I grew up in a world where Dr. Martin Luther King was already a hero. I grew up in a world where his dream was taught as my reality. I grew up with parents who did not need to teach me not to differentiate between people based upon the color of their skin – for them, as for me, it was character that counted.

Many people were not and are not so fortunate. It disgusts me to see people still judge others by their nation of origin or the color of their skin. It angers me to learn that children bully one another not just for race and creed but for religion, weight, and a thousand other factors that mean nothing by comparison to the value of a human life and soul.

It’s easy for those of us who grew up seeing others as our equals to forget that Dr. King’s message remains as timely, and as timeless, as it was when first delivered. Go watch it again. (King’s speech starts at 1 minute in.) Pay attention.

And then, go and do thou likewise.