How the Cat Got Its Claws

It’s no surprise that my debut Shinobi Mystery novel is titled Claws of the Cat.

It may surprise some of you, however, to learn that it wasn’t always so. The novel’s original title, SHINOBI, ended up as the name of the series instead. Although the decision to change the title didn’t originate with me, I’m actually very glad it worked out this way.

If you’d like to know more about how it happened, and who it was that suggested we call it Claws of the Cat (a hint: it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t my editor either) head over to The Debutante Ball … I’m telling the story there today.

Or, if publishing contracts are more your thing, you can find me at Chiseled in Rock, discussing Serial Killers Rights. (I get them confused sometimes.)

And if neither writing stories nor legalese floats your boat, please accept this gratuitous photo of a Flappy the Mandarin:

13B Flappy

Have a great day!

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