This page contains links to “virtual hikes” in Japan. While they’re posted primarily for people looking for armchair travel in Japan (think “I did the thing so you don’t have to”), I’ve added basic information about the hikes at the end of every post, so anyone who does want to go has the basic information required to get there and enjoy them.

An asterisk (*) next to the name means the hike can be done as a day trip from Tokyo (or at least that I did it that way – YMMV)

The page itself is a work in progress, so please check back regularly for updates and new content!

I hope you enjoy the virtual adventures!


Mt. Yōtei: Hiking the Makkari Route

Southern Hokkaido: Hiking Mt. Tarumae

Southern Hokkaido: Mt. Muine


Tochigi Prefecture

Nikkō: Mt. Mujina*

Nikkō: Mt. Nakimushi*

Nikkō: Ryuōkyō (Gorge of the Dragon King)*


(Japan’s largest plain; here, you’ll find hikes near Tokyo)

Kanagawa Prefecture

Hakone: Ashinoko West Bank Walking Course*

Hakone: Marudake (Ascent from Otome-Toge)*

Hakone: Old Road (Tōkaidō) from Lake Ashi to Hatajuku*

Yugawara: Makuyama (Mt. Maku)*


(Central Honshu)

Izu Peninsula: Jogasaki Coast Picnical Course*

Izu Peninsula: Jogasaki Nature Study Course (Part 1) (Part 2)*