Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Let’s Go to Ireland!

I’ve heard it said that everyone can be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. All it takes is a love for the  Emerald Isle.


I hope that’s true, because I’ve always loved Ireland. It’s an enchanting country, where myths seem closer to real than elsewhere.

Ireland is a wonderful place for authors, regardless of experience level, genre, or style. When it comes to inspiring landscapes, it can’t be beat. Which is why, this morning, I’m giving another mention to Ireland Writer Tours – a tour company offering three great writing tour/retreats in Ireland this summer, featuring published authors, fabulous tours, writing classes and personalized critique and writing advice.

From the tour website:

This year, there are three different Writers’ Retreat Tours to choose from:
Mystery Writing & Series Crafting Retreat
June 1st through 8th 2014–with successful author Susan Spann
Editing Writers Retreat
July 6th through 13th 2014–with successful author and editor, Heather Webb
Best-Selling Author Writers Retreat
September 7th through 14th 2014–with best-selling author, Stephanie Cowell
This isn’t one of those tours where you’ll board a giant bus at an ugly-early hour to visit a crowded site with thirty-five strangers. The Writers’ Retreats are intimate tours of no more than a dozen people, offering individualized attention. 


Yes, I’m one of the featured authors. However, that’s not the only reason I’m mentioning the tours. The tour company owner is a lovely woman whose passion for Ireland, and knowledge of its history and sites, is unparalleled. This is truly a rare and exciting opportunity to see the sites while also writing and engaging with other writers–a writing conference and a vacation rolled into one delightfully Irish package.

And if that doesn’t beat green beer and cabbage, I don’t know what does!