Gratuitous Tuesday Photographs and Introductions

I’m in the weeds today, preparing for a (rare) court appearance on Thursday, so in lieu of my usual dazzling prose, I’m posting a belated introduction to the creatures that keep me company while I write:

(Big) Red Spot, the fire shrimp:

Phobos and Deimos, the cleaner shrimp:

Wilson the blue tuxedo urchin (who likes to decorate himself with anything he can find):

Emperor Maximus the Disapproving:

Blue and Waldo, the neon gobies (so named because Blue hates Waldo and is always looking for clues as to his whereabouts):

Flappy the green-spotted dragonet:

Banzai the staghorn hermit:

Thing 1, the banded pipefish:

And, of course, Cygnus and Sputnik:

I’ve also got a janitorial squad consisting of the Peppermint Gang, a group of miniature red-legged hermits and numerous assorted snails. There’s always something going on in the reef, and with all the activity it’s a miracle I get anything done.

So – who else out there is crazy enough to name a fish (or a plant…or a car…or anything else unusual)? Hop into the comments and share!