G is for Grant of Rights

“Grant of rights” is the legal term for the rights given to the publisher by the author. The rights that accompany copyright ownership of a work are numerous and varied. Although some publishers may want universal grants of rights, in most cases authors will not give them all away in any one contract.

The “grant of rights” specifies which of the author’s rights the publisher is acquiring and for how long. In a standard contract, there should be one paragraph addressing grants of rights, but additional rights provisions may lurk elsewhere in the agreement. Read carefully to ensure that you know exactly which rights you are giving away.

For me, this weekend in particular, “G” also stands for “grace” – so I’ll wish a Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone (whether or not you share my faith), a Happy Passover to those who celebrate it, and a very happy weekend to everyone for whom this weekend holds no special observance or celebration.

See you Monday!

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