Flask of the Drunken Master, Deer…and a Frog in a Glass

The title might seem random, but I promise the three things listed above have more in common than you might believe.

I spent some time chatting with Erin from Oh, For the Hook of a Book about my recent travels in Japan (with brand-new photos I haven’t shared elsewhere!) , the upcoming release of Flask of the Drunken Master, and the samurai I’d like to invite to tea.

Kumawakamaru_by_kuniyoshi (Public Domain)

Hop over and join us for all the fun–and pictures!–at Oh For the Hook of A Book!

And if you’d like a chance to win a copy of Flask of the Drunken Master or Blade of the Samurai, there are giveaways going at:

Swimming North

To Read or Not to Read (along with a story about a deer and a monk who walk into a sake shop); and 

Raven Haired Girl 

Entries are open now, so don’t delay!