Endings, Paying it Forward, and the Other Side of Yes

Today, I’m sending you outward for content – not because I’m lazy but because I know I cannot do as well for you as I’ve already done in other spots today.

Hazel Gaynor’s Whims & Tonic features authors talking about the difference between pre-publication and publication–“Now & Then.” I’m talking with her today about how it feels to be on “the other side of yes” and why I truly believe that every writer can get there.

At The Debutante Ball, I’ve discovered why it is that I don’t like endings. The answer came as a surprise to me, and I think it may surprise you, too.

Finally, I’m Swimming North with Kerry Schafer and discussing a recent opportunity I had to “Pay it Forward,” as well as sharing my thoughts on why all authors should encourage those behind them on the road to publication.

I could have written new content here, but these are some of the better posts I’ve written, and I’d hate for you to miss them.

If, however, you don’t want to click the link, I’ll give you what the other half of you came here for:

13G Ceti on sea fan

Since my return to Sacramento, my female seahorse, Ceti, has been supervising my writing progress. That, and begging for treats.