Do You Understand Your Ebook Rights?

Authors need to understand the rights they own before they can make intelligent decisions about which rights to license to a publisher — or even whether to seek traditional publishing or to choose the author-publisher route.

Whether you publish traditionally or self-publish, it’s important to understand ebook rights, how they factor into the bundle of copyright-related rights, and what you should–and shouldn’t–give away.

Today, I’m guest-blogging at Writers in the Storm about ebook rights and how to manage them properly. Click here to take a look!

For those whose tastes run more to the Japanese side of the equation, here’s a photograph my son texted me from Japan this morning. He’s working there this summer, and currently spending a couple of days off in Tokyo . . . eating french fries.

Giga Potatoes

According to the menu, these are “Six-Sauce Three Flavor Giga Potatoes” – and they look like some mighty-fine potatoes, indeed.