Coffee Jelly in the Ancient City

On Saturday morning, I arrived in Kyoto, Japan.*

Originally known as Miyako, and later Heian-kyo, Kyoto received its current name during the 11th century. It became the capital of Japan in 794, when the Japanese emperor moved there with the Imperial court. Kyoto remained the official capital of Japan until 1869, although the military government moved to Edo at the order of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1603.

My son, the Sophomore, spent the last three months at a university in the northern part of Kyoto. He’s sent me photographs of himself at various sites of interest:

Christopher at Kinkakuji

Photographs of the interesting sites without him, and photographs of various interesting things to eat. Among the most curious: coffee jelly:

15E23 Coffee Jelly

It comes with creamer (as any self-respecting coffee should):

15E23 Coffee Jelly with cream

Also, it’s apparently quite delicious, and refreshing in Kyoto’s summer heat.

15E23 Is delicious

The ancient Japanese capital gets hot and muggy starting in June. But for the Sophomore getting out of school this week, and being available to go on my research trip along with me, I might have chosen a different time of the year to head across the sea. However, it’s well worth a little heat to have my son along as fellow-traveler on my journey–especially since my husband volunteered to stay home with the seahorses, so he’s missing this trip altogether.

I’m looking forward to walking where Hiro and Father Mateo walk, seeing some of the temples they see, and spending time in the ancient capital of Japan–a city renowned for good food, beautiful architecture, and history dripping from every mossy stone.

Have you visited Kyoto? If not, what’s your favorite ancient city?

*I’m actually penning this entry, and some others, before I leave in case I don’t have the chance to update the blog while I’m gone. However, I promise to post as much “live” content as I can, and I’ll absolutely share the photos and stories when I return.