Celebrating a Shiny New BLADE

This morning, I received the cover art for the second Shinobi Mystery: BLADE OF THE SAMURAI.

This afternoon, my cover art was stolen by ninjas. (They did it last year, too, and I suspect this might be a pattern forming.) If you want to see it, I’ll need your help to get it back.

I’ve called in some friends to help me track down the shards the ninjas left behind, along with bits of the jacket copy describing the new Shinobi Mystery, which will release from Minotaur Books in July of 2014.

The first clue might leave you a little blue, but it’s all I managed to snatch before the ninjas stole the rest of it away:

Blade reveal clue 1

Yep, I saved my name. Go figure.

If you’re willing to help me find the rest, I’ll make it worth your while – well, for one of you anyway. Over the next three days, we’ll have clues posted at these great blogs:

Tuesday: Swimming North (the blog of author Kerry Schafer)

Wednesday: Writing the Renaissance (the blog of author Julianne Douglas)

Thursday: Between the Sheets (the blog of author Heather Webb)

Meet me back here on Friday for the full cover reveal.

And here’s the best part: prizes!

If you leave a comment on ANY of the five reveal tour posts this week (meaning this post, the reveal tour posts on Kerry, Julianne, or Heather’s blogs, or my Friday cover reveal) you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of three fun prizes – and yes, multiple comments means multiple entries, though there’s a limit of one comment per person per blog post and a limit of one prize per person

THE PRIZES (limit one prize per person, and I’ll do separate drawings for each prize):

1.  A $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

2. A ninja mug!

Ninja MugYou know you want one.

3. A set of ninjabread men cookie cutters.

ninjabread men

Because all cookies secretly want to be ninjas.

And now, the legalese (because, you know, I’m a lawyer): All comments must be left on participating blogs on or before midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, October 27, 2013. Limit one prize per person. Limit one eligible comment per blog post, for a total maximum of five entries per person. Additional comments will be disregarded. Prizes will be awarded based on random drawings from a pool of all eligible entries. Winners must provide a valid name and mailing address (or email address, in the case of the gift card) within 3 days after notification of winning. No purchase necessary to win. Odds of winning will vary based on number of entries received.

Winners don’t have to live in the United States for this one, but you do have to live in a place where I can ship the prize, and where participating in online contests is not illegal. (Yep, you knew the lawyer would get involved, right?)

Want a chance to win? Comments are open NOW!

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