Blogging…from A to Z

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m participating in the “A to Z Blogging Challenge” – an April blogging event sponsored by Tossing it Out. The premise is simple: during the 26 non-Sunday days in April, blog one post per day starting with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. The posts can follow a theme, but don’t have to.

I spent some time trying to decide whether I wanted to “theme it up” or not. In the end I decided to forego a unifying theme per se, but stick with the daily themes (and semi-themes) I’m working on for this blog – possibly in hopes that some of them will actually stick.

In light of that, my A-to-Z will run approximately as follows:

Monday is free choice.

Tuesday is Tank Day (with photos, as always).

Wednesday is write day – at least in theory, so my A-to-Z themed posts will have a writing theme.

History Thursday (AKA “dinglehopper day”) and Book-Review Friday round out the regular week. (And yes, I know I’m behind there too…time to knuckle down and get to work!)

I don’t normally blog on Saturdays but the challenge includes them, so I’m making an exception for April. We’ll see where that goes.

The challenge starts tomorrow, which is good because I kind of have plans tonight. You see, today marks my ten-year wedding anniversary (at least, I think it’s ten – I could be off by a year or two, but I promise that’s part of my charm) and I think there’s dinner and a movie in my future.

Here’s hoping anyway.

Are you participating in the A-to-Z challenge? Hop in the comments and let me know. It’s not too late to sign up if you’re on the fence – the more the merrier!