Because I Love to Write

November 15 is official “Love to Write Day.”

In honor of the occasion, permit me to offer the “Top Ten Reasons Writing is Awesome”

1. You can have imaginary friends without people thinking you’re crazy. (Well, not for that reason, anyway.)

2. The ability to justify countless book purchases as “research.”

3. Corollary to #2: The ability to read just about anything without causing alarm. (No, really, the Field Guide to Easily Available Poisons is only for research purposes. Would you like some more herbal tea? I made it myself…)

4. Listening to other people’s conversations isn’t eavesdropping…it’s character study.

5.  It excuses the state of my lawn and garden. (Both of which are currently making a viable attempt to revert to a wild state.)

6. The ability to spend countless hours at writers’ conferences, geeking out with the tribe on obscure and fascinating topics. (Trust me…you get 300 writers in a room and you can find someone who knows something about just about anything.)

7. An open license to use awesome words like “defenestrate.”  (Click the link. You know you want to.)

8.  I get to look at this while I’m writing:

9. And, finally, it keeps me from getting too crabby.

Me...when something keeps me from writing.

I can’t think of a tenth reason, so please accept this gratuitous seahorse photo in its place:

Do you love writing too – as a writer or as a reader who loves a good book? Share your reasons in the comments!