A New Feature and a Contest

Over at Historical Boys, C.W. Gortner has a guest post from Elizabeth Chadwick, author of For the King’s Favor – a new novel about Ida de Rosney, mistress to England’s Henry II.  Readers in the U.S. and Canada can also enter to win one of two free copies of the novel by following Gortner’s blog and posting a comment at the end of the guest post.  (Winners selected September 30, 2010). Readers of Historical Fiction should check it out!

Also:  I’ll be collecting links to book reviews on various new titles I find interesting and posting them roundup-style on Friday mornings.  If you’re reviewing a book this week (or any week), feel free to leave a comment or send an email and I’ll be glad to include a link in the roundup.  Caveat: Unless I post a review of a book here on the blog, I haven’t read it, so a link doesn’t designate a recommendation, and I reserve the right not to link to anything that looks like it wouldn’t fly under The Articles.